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First off, WELCOME!  I’ve been hesitant for years to create a website just for my own stuff because I always thought that either 1) no one cared about things that I had to talk about unless it was related to nutrition or exercise and 2) people would think I was just trying to boost my ego by having my own page.  I hope people don’t assume #2 and with the amount of requests I’ve gotten to start blogging, I hope #1 isn’t true either. This blog isn’t about Ryan just talking about himself. It’s about sharing insights beyond what I’ve ever talked about before. It’s a place for me to share things that you might not otherwise hear about.  I have a lot of things going on all the time that you guys might not see beyond keto, research, and hanging out with Scooter.

I want this platform to serve as a place for you to get me to know me on a deeper level and vice versa.  You’ll see me open up about personal things – relationships, struggles, perspectives, etc. Why? Why not just stick with talking about keto or your research, etc.?  The reason is because I believe more in lifestyle than I do in one particular part of what constitutes a lifestyle. Diet is one of those pieces. But so is physical, spiritual, emotional aspects that constitute our entire lives.  

With that being said, I appreciate every single person who comes to this blog.  Whether you love it or hate it, it’s me. It’s who I am and I’m being authentic AF with you.  I’ll still continue doing what I do on a daily basis with all of our other platforms and businesses, but occasionally I’ll jump on here and share some random thoughts that might help just one person gain a new perspective.  And you know what – that’s my goal. If me writing a blog post or posting something on the Dr. Lowery page can help just one person, then I’ll write that off as a huge win.

Appreciate you all and as always:



For keto content specifically go to:  www.ketogenic.com

For content surrounding exercise go to:  www.themusclephd.com

For content surrounding research and our facility go to:  www.theaspi.com



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