A Ketogenic Life With Three Wheels And Lots Of Love

Life wasn’t always this great. I grew up in Lakeland, Florida, in a rough household. Like many of you, I didn’t get to choose my caretakers, and unfortunately, they showed me very early on that they didn’t even want me. I spent the first couple years of my life chained up outside all day with little water and little food. It’s one of the reasons I probably love chasing lizards and squirrels so much now—they were the only friends I had outside.

One day, I knew enough was enough. My owners left me outside, and I was able to slip away and get out of that abusive home. With no idea of where to go or what to do, I just started going as fast and as far away as I could. Fortunately, I met up with a friend who I played with and who kept me company throughout the whole journey. Even when I broke my leg, he was right there by my side. Yes, I broke my leg. I don’t quite remember how I broke it, but it could have either been during my escape or getting hit by a car (I like to run around a lot and had never seen streets or cars before, so I didn’t know any better). Nonetheless, I carried on with my buddy. It wasn’t until some very nice people from the SPCA found me running around that my entire life started to change.

Soon after arriving at the SPCA, the doctors told me they were going to need to amputate my front right leg. They said my leg was so severely broken that the muscles in my leg had all died due to lack of blood flow (so it was broken for a long time). On top of that, they had to go in and remove some of the collar that was embedded in my neck from all of the time I was chained up outside. I didn’t know what any of this would mean for me, but I remember waking up with only three legs! It didn’t really bother me, however, because I was used to walking on only three for a while. I wasn’t going to let this stop me now!

Soon after my surgery, an angel came and fostered me from the SPCA. Her family was so friendly and kind; I had never received this much attention before! She had young children, and I was a lot to handle; so she couldn’t keep me for too long.

Soon thereafter, I made my way to the Maxx and Me Pet Rescue in Tampa, Florida (www.maxxandme.org). This place was incredible! There was so much love and care that I was never used to before. Eventually, someone came and picked me up. They told me they would be my foster dad until someone could adopt me and take me in forever. I didn’t mind it at all, and I got to go to the park almost every day to run around. Who would have thought that a dog with only three legs would love to run so much? I got to burn off a lot of energy having fun and playing with new friends!

Then came the day that I’ll never forget. My foster dad told me that we were going to the park to potentially meet my forever dad, Ryan! I was so excited!!! As soon as I got to the park, I needed to show my forever dad how fast I could run! I chased all the other dogs until I was worn out. He eventually walked me, and I could tell he fell in love with me just as much as I fell in love with him.

A week later, and two days before his birthday, I showed up on my forever dad’s front doorstep ready for my new life (talk about a good birthday gift! :P). When the door opened, there was a party for me! I was showered with love and affection and met some aunts and uncles and even my Grandma and Grandpa, who I love hanging out with. August 4th, 2018, what a day!

Since then, my life has never been better. I have never felt more unconditionally loved in my life. Dad and I snuggle at least three times a day (my favorite is waking up in the morning and snuggling while Dad talks about how grateful he is to have me in his life). I love hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa; they love to go on walks and play with my new toys. On top of all of that, Dad’s team loves me like I was their own son; completely different from what I grew up with. I have so many people that just want to hug me, snuggle me, and rub my belly—life has been incredible.

I think Dad wanted me to write this blog post to talk about my diet. Boy, has that been a change. From barely having any scraps, to hunting on my own, and now getting fed gourmet… like I said, life is great. Dad immediately switched me to a ketogenic diet. At first he would cook things like steak, bacon, eggs, beef, etc. and mix them in with some coconut oil—talk about delicious! While I still have some of these cooked, I actually switched to eating a raw ketogenic diet. Dad said he had some friends at a place called the KetoPet Sanctuary who highly recommended it, so I gave it a try. Let me tell you, that was a great decision. The food is delicious, and I get so many nutrients from it!

So what’s happened since switching my diet? No, I didn’t lose 20 pounds (heck, I only weigh 20 pounds). But, I’ve seen major improvements in other ways. I have more muscle now than I ever had before (probably because Dad and Grandpa like to play tug-o-war with my squirrel everyday). My fur has never been brighter and healthier—no more rough patches. I had left-leg pelvic lameness due to a CCL injury—in layman’s terms, I couldn’t walk very far without picking up my back left leg and hobbling. I RARELY do that now, and I’m not in any pain when I go on long walks. I sleep throughout the night (Dad claims I snore so loud that it sometimes wakes him up. Sorry Dad, I’m just sleeping well!). Life has been great, and I never thought that switching my diet could or would have such a profound impact on my overall quality of health.

My Eating Schedule:

  • Morning: 1/3 Valiant Pet Patty
  • Afternoon: 1/2 CBD Low-Carb Treat from Pawsitive Treets (www.pawsitivetreets.com)
  • Night: 1/3 Valiant Pet Patty
  • Special Occasions: Lick Dad’s bowl clean once he’s done eating his dinner!

I appreciate you guys reading my story. Please, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out on my Instagram, @scoottheketopup. I’ll give you a bark back and help as much as possible. Cheers to many more years of Scooting along, enjoying a ketogenic lifestyle, and loving the world together.



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