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My Mission

To change lives through science and innovation by finding ways to optimize human performance and longevity in an effort to make the world a better place each and every day. Here at DrLowery.com, our goal is to allow you to build confidence, increase positivity, and achieve human optimization by providing research articles, videos, podcasts, and information on how to live a better life.

My Values

My 5 Core Values are centered around what I feel can radically shift someone’s life from just ordinary to extraordinary. Surround yourself with positivity, be empathetic with others, stay authentic to your true self, be fully present in every interaction, and develop a sickening work ethic.


Harness the transformative power of optimism to illuminate paths of resilience and opportunity, infusing every moment with hope and possibility.


Forge profound connections by understanding and sharing the emotions of others, offering genuine compassion and support to make a meaningful impact.


Embody your unique essence, living in alignment with your core values and passions, fostering genuine connections and fulfillment.


Engage fully in each moment, with undivided attention and intentionality, nurturing deeper connections and appreciation for life's richness.


Embrace relentless dedication and determination, turning challenges into stepping stones towards extraordinary success and achievement.